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 · Web viewSECTION 054000 - COLD-FORMED METAL FRAMING. TIPS:To view non-printing . Editor's Notes. that provide guidance for editing, click on Masterworks/Single File Formatting/Toggle/Editor's Notes. To read . detailed research, technical information about products and materials, and coordination checklists, click on Masterworks/Supporting Information. SECTION 054000 - COLD-FORMED METAL FRAMINGCOLD-FORMED METAL FRAMING 054000 - 1 This Product MasterSpec Section is licensed by ARCOM to Marino\WARE ("Licensee"). This Product MasterSpec Section modifies the original MasterSpec text, and does not include the full content of the original MasterSpec Section. [DOC]SECTION 05400 - COLD-FORMED METAL FRAMING · Web viewSECTION 054000 - COLD-FORMED METAL FRAMING. GENERAL. RELATED DOCUMENTS. Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division 01 Section, apply to this section. SUMMARY. Section Includes:Note to Specifier delete items not used. Load-bearing wall framing. Floor joist framing. SECTION 05400 - COLD-FORMED METAL FRAMINGSECTION 054000 - COLD-FORMED METAL FRAMING . PART 1 - GEN. ERAL . 1.1. RELATED SECTIONS . A. 092116:Gypsum Board Assemblies. 1.2. SECTION REQUIREMENTS . A. Submittals:Product Data and material certificates. B. Comply with AISI's "Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members" [DOC]SECTION 05400 - · Web viewsection 054000. cold-formed metal framing. section includes load carrying, formed steel stud and joist framing. (non-load bearing, light gage steel framing for partitions is specified in sections 092213 and 092116.) part 1 general. use article below with insulated cold-formed framing. [DOC]SECTION 074213.19 - INSULATED METAL WALL PANELS · Web viewSection 054000 "Cold-Formed Metal Framing" for metal stud substrate support framing. Section 061000 "Rough Carpentry" for wood stud substrate support framing. Section 061600 "Sheathing" for wall sheathing substrates. Section 072100 "Thermal Insulation" for EIFS System, EIFS Details, & EIFS SpecificationsA. SECTION INCLUDES. 1. System. B. RELATED SECTIONS. 1. Unit Masonry Section 042000. 2. Concrete Sections 03300 and 034000. 3. Light Gauge Cold Formed Steel Framing Section 054000. 4. Wood Framing Section 061000. 5. Sheathing Section 061600. 6. Water Barriers Section 072500. 7.Vapor Retarders Section 072600. 8. Membrane Roofing Section 075000 JOHNS MANVILLE CONTINUOUS INSULATION WALL SECTION 072100 FOIL-FACED RIGID INSULATION . PART 1 - GENERAL 1.1 SUMMARY A. Provide foil-faced thermal insulation in exterior wall assemblies, to function as a thermal, moisture, and air barrier wall system. 1.2 RELATED WORK A. Section 054000 - Cold-Formed Metal Framing. B. Section 076000 - Flashing and Sheet Metal SECTION #084413 ALUMINUM CURTAIN WALL SYSTEM D. Section 054000 Cold Formed Metal Framing:Framed Openings E. Section 061000 Rough Carpentry:Framed Openings F. Section 062000 Finish Carpentry:Interior Wood Casing G. Section 072100 Thermal insulation:batt insulation at window perimeter H. Section 074600 Siding and Trim STATE OF NEW YORK OFFICE OF GENERAL SERVICES SECTION 054000 COLD-FORMED METAL FRAMING PART 1 GENERAL 1.01 RELATED WORK SPECIFIED ELSEWHERE A. Non-Load Bearing Framing and Furring:Section 092213. 1.02 REFERENCES A. Except as shown or specified otherwise, the Work of this Section shall meet the requirements of the following:1. SECTION #084413 ALUMINUM CURTAIN WALL A. Section 033000 Cast-in-place Concrete Openings in cast-in-place concrete B. Section 034500 Precast Concrete Wall Panels:Opening in precast concrete wall panels. C. Section 048100 Unit Masonry Assemblies Openings in masonry D. Section 054000

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