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Stainless Steel Pipe & Tube Pressure Ratings

Pressure Ratings Values of coefficient Y for t<D/6 Note - The above table and the equations are based on paragraph 304.1 of ASME B31.3a-1996 - The value for Y may be interpolated for intermediate temperatures. For t > D/6:Basic quality factors E for longitudinal weld joints in stainless steel pipes, tubes and fittings Note Pipe Pressure Rating and Stainless Steel Tubing Pressure Alloy 400 Tubing Pressure Ratings Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (PSIG) Calculation Basis:Annealed, seamless Monel Alloy 400 tubing ASTM B-165 or equivalent. System temperatures between -20°F and 100°F with allowable stress of 18,700 psi. Ultimate tensile strength of 70,000 psi. APPENDIX C GASEOUS HYDROGEN PIPING Schedule 10S to Schedule 80S stainless steel pipe is also acceptable for both plain end and threaded end styles. Threaded ends should be 80S. C.2-2 HIGH-PRESSURE HYDROGEN (275 TO 7000 PSIG) See the Tables below. The hydrogen system downstream of the compressor will operate at 6,000 psig. The high-pressure storage tubes are designed to a maximum allowable working pressure of 6,667 psig. Bursting and Collapsing Pressures of ASTM A312 Stainless Stainless Steel Classifications - Stainless steels are commonly grouped into martensitic stainless steels, ferritic stainless steels, austenitic stainless steels, duplex (ferritic-austenitic) stainless steels, and precipitation-hardening stainless steels; Stainless Steel Pipes - Allowable Pressure - Allowable pressure for standard seamless A312-TP316/316L stainless steel pipes - temperatures 100 o F to Welding of Stainless Steel and Other Joining Methodsof stainless steels and how their microstructures can change during welding. Figure 1 Thermal Affected Area of Metal Due to Welding AUSTENITIC STAINLESS STEELS Austenitic stainless steels (Table 1) containing chromium and nickel as the principal alloying elements (in addition to iron) are identified as AISI 300 Series types. Those containing Socket Weld Fitting - High Pressure Pipe Fitting Trupply They are also made in stainless steel and nickel alloy. Socket weld fittings generally come in three different pressure ratings, a 3000 pound, a 6000 pound, and a 9000 pound pressure class. The most common size of the socket weld fitting is from 1/2 inch up to 4 inch. Schedule 10 Stainless Steel Pipe SS 304 SCH 10 Pipe The SCH 10 Stainless Steel Pipe is a low schedule pipe that has lower pressure capacities. The diameter, the wall thickness and the length of the pipes vary according to different standards such as the ASTM, ASME and API standards. The outer diameter of the SS 304 sch 10 pipe ranges from 21.3mm to Stainless Steel Pipe Pressure Rating - Guanyu TubePressure Rating for standard seamless stainless steel pipe. PressureRating for standardstainless steel pipe, temperaturefrom 100oF to 750oF. All ratings in psig based on ANSI/ASME B31.1.The operating (allowable) internal pressure of a vessel, tank, or piping used to hold or transport liquids or gases.The pressure ratings of pipes, valves, etc. must be matched throughout a hydraulicsystem in order for the HP Pipe Fittings - Parker Hannifinspecifications that enable certification of NPT style Instrument Pipe Fittings to a maximum working pressure of 15,000 psi (1050 bar). 316/316L stainless steel Actual working pressure may be determined by pipe pressure rating, if lower. All dimensions for reference only and subject to change. Schedule 80 Pipe Pressure Rating - oil and gas piping Schedule 80 Pipe Nipple Pressure Rating has thicker dividers and can with stand higher PSI (pounds per square inch). This makes it perfect for mechanical and synthetic applications. To give you a thought of the size contrast, 1" plan 40 PVC pipe has a .133" least divider and 450 PSI, while plan 80 has a .179" least divider and 630 PSI. High Pressure Fittings - Stainless Steel Pipe, Tube High Pressure Fittings. ASTM A182 316/L stainless steel. BSPT threaded to ISO 7-1. NPT threaded to ANSI B2.1. Dimensions to ANSI B16.11/BS3799. 3000LB / 6000lb. Sizes 1/4" to 3". Other grades and threads available. 316/L Stainless steel. Australian Pipeline Valve - ASME ANSI Technical Valve For technical references and cross reference information on stainless, duplex, chrome-moly, and Alloy steel used in valves & piping systems in the petrochemical and refining:click here. We supply exotic grades of valves like Nickel, Super Duplex F55 and Monel (ASTM A494-M35-1), Cd4M-Cu, Hastelloy C (ASTM A-494 CW12MW), 317 (C8G8M) in short 150LB BSP Fittings Threaded Stainless Steel fitting Low 150LB BSP Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings. Pressure Rating upto 10 BAR (150 PSI) Sockets & Pipe Nipple to 50 BAR (250 PSI) Female threads are BSPP (Parallel) to ISO 228-1. Male Threads are BSPT (Taper) to ISO 7-1. 316 (CF8M) stainless steel. Investment castings.

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